Whole Body Vertical Vibration Equipment

Model / Fit1
  • Whole Body Vertical Vibration Equipment
  • Whole Body Vertical Vibration Equipment
  • Whole Body Vertical Vibration Equipment
  • Whole Body Vertical Vibration Equipment

Bones, Joints and Balance Training Features

Numerous studies over the years have confirmed that the whole body vertical vibration can achieve overall health effects through gravity.

It is a set of scientific, safe, user friendly, simple and easy-to-stick exercise equipment for elderly. Its impact from the vibration can stimulate bones, joints and muscle tissues of the entire body to achieve the purpose of strengthening the functions of the whole body tissues. Whole Body Vertical Vibration is a passive exercise similar to jump rope and vertical shaking like tai chi for seniors. It’s the best exercise for circulation.


  • Assist people who are exercising to effectively shorten exercise time
  • Maintain exercise habits and assist in deep movement throughout the body
  • Promote health, maintain physical function

Life Improvement

  1. Show off the charm of curves through vibration movement and find confidence
  2. Sports homeization , healthy lifestyle, and turn the living space into an exclusive senior gym
  3. Relieve stress and great improvement in sleep quality
  4. Bring out the good spirit, Full of energy with energetic look
  5. Prevent fall and strengthen posture stability

Product Design

Behind perfection with high-quality performance

Design Features

Key points of space setting for the TURTLEGYM Senior Gym:

  1. Comfortable, warm, professional and safe environment
  2. Health status assessment and precise exercise prescription formulation
  3. Indoor air purification cycle and monitoring
  4. Strength and joint reinforcement training
  5. Bone and joint activation training
  6. Brain, heart, blood vessel activation training
  7. Sleep quality optimization
  8. Physical conditioning training for special ethnic groups
  9. Customized training courses and private coaching training
  10. Rehabilitation exercise training
  11. Wooden flooring classroom for group exercises
  12. Exercise guidance and Health counselling and education
  13. Exercise and health-related data collection and analysis

  • Model No.:Fit1
  • Frequency:About 4-12 Hz
  • Amplitude:About 4 mm
  • Operation: Button panel control, LCD white backlight on blue background screen display
  • Program: 8  Level Frequency + 8  Auto Programs
  • Time Setting:Default setting is 15 mins (can adjust up to 60 mins)
  • Voltage:AC 220~240 V,50/60Hz
  • Power:About 375 W (Max)
  • Safety Certification:FDA Registered; CE Approved
  • Dimension:About L 685 x W 585 x H 1580 mm
  • Capacity:About 150 kg
  • Weight:About 51 kg
  • Surface finishing:3 layers of coating,3 layers of baking varnish,anti-erosion finishing

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