ReLegs Leg Rest Pillow

Model / LEG1
TURTLE GYM's leg rest pillow is the greatest gentle care for your legs.
Soothing relaxed curve allows the body to achieve complete relaxation.
  • ReLegs Leg Rest Pillow
  • ReLegs Leg Rest Pillow
  • ReLegs Leg Rest Pillow
  • ReLegs Leg Rest Pillow
  • ReLegs Leg Rest Pillow

Sleep Quality Optimization Series Features

The greatest gentle care for head, neck, shoulders and legs, so that the body and mind can be completely relaxed.

Can provide the most secure and comfortable sleep quality whether lying down on the back or on the side.

Establish a healthy and safe home sleeping environment through international professional safety certification.


  • Keep the knee joint at a certain angle to stretch the knee joint and reduce the pressure on the knee joint
  • Provides the most appliable relaxed slope curvature for the front and rear thigh muscles, calf and sole muscles
  • French anti-mite technology, Japanese anti-bacterial technology. Sleep healthily comes from strict control

Life Improvement

  1. ReLegs Leg Rest Pillow is perfect for relaxing and maintaining your legs after sitting and standing for a long time and after exercising
  2. Ergonomic curvature, give the body a complete comfort
  3. Proceed comprehensive maintenance and care for tired legs

Product Features

Behind perfection with high-quality performance

Design Features

  • Model No.:LEG1
  • Weight:About 2.3 kg
  • Dimension:About L54 x W65 x H22 cm
  • Main unit:High dense Polyurethane
  • Material of pillow case:(Inner) Cotton & Polyester
    (External) TENCEL™ LYOCELL & Polyester

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