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2018/08/14 Fall prevention exercise program

Chronic Disease Improvement Project

Falling is a common cause of injuries in elderly. The outcomes from falling are as follows:
  • Hip fractures, approximately 95% are due to falls, and approximately 10-20% of the patients with falls die within one year.

    After falling, elderly patients develop psychological fears for recurrence, which in turn, decreases daily activity and significantly reduce the elderly quality of life.

    After falling, approximately 5-15% of the elderly experiences brain injury, soft tissue damage, bone fractures and other complications. 

    Complications from injuries after falling are the main reason for mortality in elderly over the age of 65 years old.

    Exercise plan as solution
    Many studies have pointed out that, the ability to balance, reduced limb functions, power and flexibility are the key indicators and factors affecting the elderly in falls. Focusing on exercise training can practically improve the quality of elderly fitness, lowering the incidence of falling. 

    Vertical Vibration exercise can stabilize elderly people’s posture, enhance walking ability, strengthen direction control, ability to balance and facilitate somatic sensory to reduce the risk factors causing falls, or in cases, reducing the number of actual falls and alleviate fall injuries.