Whole Body Vertical Vibration Equipment

Model / TP1
Whole body vertical vibration is a 100% up and down vertical full-body exercise method which gently stimulates all parts of the body without increasing the cardiopulmonary load to increase the energy of physical activity and promote physical health.
  • Whole Body Vertical Vibration Equipment
  • Whole Body Vertical Vibration Equipment
  • Whole Body Vertical Vibration Equipment

Bone joint and muscle strength training features

Whole body vertical vibration is using sine waves to drive the human body to move from bottom to top and gently stimulating every part of the body. Without increasing the cardiopulmonary load, the body can relax naturally with regular motion movement. Therefore, the vibration can gently improve all aspects of the body’s abilities than intense exercise then upgrades physical quality. Perfectly reconcile the body and mind to achieve the purpose of health-preserving exercise, to easily enjoy the high-quality life of health preservation and exercise stress relief. Under the stimulation of the rhythm wave, the muscles are promoted to contract to stretch, thereby achieving the relative exercise benefit. The cardiopulmonary load is lower than general exercise which is a safer and more relaxing exercise.


  • Safe, natural and fast passive exercises.
  • Help the whole body to do deep exercise, easily maintain good exercise habits.
  • Completely relax the body and maintain physical health.
  • The best exercise method for health preservation, physical fitness, and posture adjustment.
  • Vertical trembling movement like rope skipping, gently stimulates all parts of the body, creating a health physique from the outside to the inside.

Life improvement

  1. Strengthen physical activity and balance, improve movement control.
  2. Help to exercise the muscles around the joints, strengthen the muscles of the legs and walk without falling.
  3. Increase muscle strength and endurance, improve balance and more coordinated limbs.
  4. Moderate activity helps delay the speed of joint aging and maintain joint control.
  5. Relieve neck and shoulder discomfort, back pain.
  6. Exercise the stability of core muscles and reduce the risk of lumbar spine injuries.
  7. Relax the body, relieve stress and anxiety.
  8. Proper exercise can help improve sleep quality.

Design Features

Attentively impeccable design, presenting high quality beyond perfection

Connotation of skeletal joints and balance training equipment

Staying active is for preserving the health. Staying calm is for nourishing the mind.

Weight is related to gravity; force is the effect of changing objects. During the movement, weight and force pull each other to produce an impact, and the movement begins.

 Global Sports Medicine Authority – Dr. Jin-Jong Chen
  • The First Graduate of M.D. National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan
  • Ph.D. University of Virginia, U.S.A.
  • Physician of Aerospace Medical Association
  • Visiting Scholar, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, U.S.A.
  • Professor, Department of Physical Therapy and Assistive Technology, National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan
  • Director, Exercise and Health Science Research Center, National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan
  • Chairman of Taiwan Society of Exercise Medicine

Principle of Vertical Motion Movement

Whole body vertical motion movement originates form the growth and movement of human body are affected by gravity. The effect of gravity on the human body is to achieve the effect of stimulating whole body movement through the vertical direction through the bottom-up, from the outside to the inside.Without increasing the cardiopulmonary load, rhythm waves pass through the platform surface and directly drive the human body to move up and down with the speed and acceleration of sine waves, gently stimulating every part of the body, increasing the energy of physical activity and promoting physical health.

The development of the whole body vertical motion movement

Since 1970, there have been a large number of research journals in the International Journal of Medicine and Sports.

Vertical vibration and rope skipping

The whole body vertical vibration is similar to rope skipping.

Studies have confirmed that rope skipping is a simple but high-intensity whole body exercise. Its exercise method is vertical jumping up and down, driving the whole body up and down movement. When skipping rope, all tissues of the human body are exercised and developed at the same time, and more exercise benefits can be obtained from this exercise. Rope skipping is often used as one of the methods of high-efficiency muscle training. Not only can exercise lower body muscles, but also train the arms, shoulders, and core muscle strength. Enhance the body’s endurance, stamina, and coordination ability. And make the body healthier and stronger.

Vibration Health Preservation Secret One

Shoulder and neck relaxation

Long term overwork or excessive mental pressure, etc. can easily cause back pain and discomfort due to tightness in the back of the neck and back. At the time, you need to relax your shoulder and neck, bend over to relax the tightness of the lower back. Do neck exercises to make breathing easier. Stretching the arms to move the shoulders and necks, and all upper body discomforts can be relieved.

Vibration Health Preservation Secret Two

Body Relaxation Technique

You can do more vibration exercise whenever there is something or nothing to do. When watching TV, blow-drying your hair, or when you are bored, you can do the passive exercise, relax the muscles of the entire body, feel comfortable and happy both physically and mentally.

Vibration Health Preservation Secret Three

Shadowless Kicks Cultivating Technique

Do you often feel that your legs are sore and weak after walking? Felt sore legs after standing for a little while and felt the need to find a chair to sit down. These phenomena are likely to be the loss of your muscle strength! According to research findings, muscles and bones are very closely related. Therefore, exercising the thigh muscles can also indirectly strengthen the bone density of the thighs. If you want to walk like you are flying, you must train your leg muscles a lot from now on to lay a good foundation for leg strength.

  • Model No.:TP1
  • Frequency:About 3 ~ 13 Hz
  • Amplitude:About 3 mm
  • Operation: Wireless Remote Control :7 Level Frequency, 3 Auto Programs
  • Time Setting:15 min.
  • Voltage:AC 220 ~ 240 V, 50 ~ 60Hz
  • Power:Max. 375 W
  • Safety Certification:FDA Registered; CE Approved
  • Dimension:About L 605 x W 405 x H 200 mm
  • Capacity:About 150 kg
  • Weight:About 34 kg

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