Why Turtle Gym?
Why Turtle Gym?
Over the years, we have been committed to the research and development of elderly wellness field and hope to become the best companion for the healthy life of the elderly. “Implementing exercise is medicine and enjoy a long healthy life healed without medicine” is the core value created by TURTLE GYM.  
The philosophy of TURTLE GYM is to be like a turtle with Slow Living, Slow exercise, Slow LOHAS. Step by step through exercise to promote health to achieve vitality and longevity purposely.
Older Adult Fitness Program
TURTLE GYM provides an overall well-planned program. Provide the best design plan according to actual needs. Provide safe, comfortable fitness venues and sports service for older adults. Create a suitable older adult fitness environment.
Product Planning
TURTLE GYM designs different product plans according to different sports needs. With different training methods and precise formulated exercise flow, the benefits of exercise and fitness can be doubled with half the effort.
Isokinetic Muscles Strength Training
Isokinetic muscle strength training is currently the safest, most effective and most human-like muscle training method in clinical research globally. Special equipment is used to keep the speed constant, and resistance changes along with the amount of force applied by the user. No matter how big or small the force is during exercise, the speed of the movement remains the same. It’s the best exercise equipment for elderly and sitting exercise equipment for seniors.
Bones, Joints and Balance Training
Moderate exercise has been recognized as one of the key factors of bone and joint maintenance. Numerous studies over the years have confirmed that the low impact exercise of vertical vibration equipment through gravity can gently stimulate the bones, joints and muscle tissues of the whole body to achieve a comprehensive health effect. It also provides the balance training for seniors. It’s the best exercise for older adults.
Exercising with vibration, properly relax the muscles and tendons, and relieves discomfort and pain, improves chronic damage and harm to the body caused in the long term, and can effectively improve the quality of life.
Disabled (barrier-free) Exercise Training
People who are limited by severe illness or physical disabilities and unable to move on their own is more in need to increase exercise training than the general healthy people to slow down the deterioration of body functions. Through passive vibration exercise planning, people who cannot exercise on their own can effectively and safely perform exercise training.
Brain and Cardiovascular Function Training
After numerous years of clinical experiments and research, it has confirmed that through WBPA (Whole Body Periodic Acceleration) can strengthen the human brain, heart, and blood vessel functions. It can also prevent brain and cardiovascular problems caused by aging and degeneration, and reduce damage.
Sleep Quality Optimization
High-quality of sleep quality is the best prescription for health care. Through the comprehensive planning mode that is suitable for either motive or static, it can effectively help stabilize sleep quality, enhance brain activity and judgment ability which has substantial help and benefits to the maintenance of health in the long term.
Sports / Rehab needs of Special groups
Unlike "active exercise" such like running or rope jumping, the "Whole body harmonic vertical vibration" promoted by TURTLE GYM is a "passive exercise" which is to work out via machines instead of the person himself.
Hand Harmonic Sport Platform
TURTLE GYM's Hand Harmonic Sport Platform is a dream equipment with ergonomic design for Hand exercise. The equipment is especially available for rehabilitation of Parkinson's Disease and stroke patients.

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Expert Recommendation
Expert Recommendation
Dr. Jin-Jong Chen Ph.D. The best way of exercise must be integrated into daily life and being able to persevere and develop a regular exercise habit is the most important. In order to further strengthen the implementation effect of “exercise is a medicine”, through professional planning to provide a comfortable exercise space for elder people. Develop personalized and precise exercise plans according to different conditions and needs to achieve the physical activity needs of the long-term goal of optimal health, and activity improve and take exercise into account.