Medical Rehabilitation Plan

The TURTLE GYM team can provide friendly space planning for medical institutions and rehabilitation clinics, develop customized designs and plan functional safe rehabilitation exercise areas to improve the physical condition of users and enhance the quality of rehabilitation treatment.
Meet The Needs Of Exercise And Rehabilitation For Seniors And Disabled In Medical Establishment.
Beneficial To Exercise And Rehabilitation For Seniors In Medical Establishment.

Beneficial To Exercise And Rehabilitation For People With Disabilities And Special Needs In Medical Establishment.

Flexible Budget – You May Purchase All Or Single Items Of Equipment.
Combining Sports Science And Rehabilitation Medicine.
Quantitative Evaluation Of Exercise And Rehabilitation Results.
Professional Recommendation
Construct the best place exclusively for mature and elderly groups. Professional customization demand planning is inevitable. Explore the behavioral needs at different stages from different perspectives. The connotation of health promotion mush also changes accordingly. Support and intervention through modern technology to set reasonable exercise goals. Adjust exercise plan precisely by long-term records and exercise analysis. Allow the target group of restricted sports develop a positive attitude towards sports. Ensure effective sports training results and increase self-confidence and health.

Nuclear Medicine Technical Officer, Tri-Service General Hospital of the Ministry of National Defense
Pathology Technical Officer, Naval General Hospital of the Ministry of National Defense
Pharmaceutics Officer, Air Force Hospital of the Ministry of National Defense
Consultant of Changhua Show-Chwan Memorial Hospital Group
Consultant of Seniors College, Shih-Chien University

Establishment Case
New Taipei City Tucheng Hospital, Asia
Chang Gung Medical Foundation Tucheng New Taipei City Hospital – Evergreen and cardiac rehabilitation centers are using “Turtle Gym isokinetic muscle strength training equipment” to assist the elderly or patients with chronic cardiac surgery training to enhance muscle strength. No matter how big or how small the user’s power is while exercising, resistance will change with each individual’s strength, and will not cause injury during training or therapy due to insufficient muscle strength. It is currently the saftest, most effective and most human-like muscle training method. Additionally, TURTLE GYM’s equipment is compact, easy to move and does not take too much space. Compared with other traditional muscle strength training equipment, TURTLE GYM equipment is electronically controlled and less likely to have old leakage from traditional hydraulic equipment. It is more durable and doesn’t require too much time and budget to maintain the equipment.
Space Planning
Before providing services, we must first consider the potential of rehabilitation group or the elderly group to exercise autonomously. Regardless of individual ability, the field planning and product design of TURTLE GYM are absolutely safe and more in line with human needs. Medical rehabilitation field plan will give priority to the use of specially designed barrier-free, wheelchair vibration and gait vibration device. Through the intervention of post-medical rehabilitation and professional sports rehabilitation program execution allows to re-master the right to live, to regain Healthy, happy, fulfilling, independent and healthy life.