TURTLE GYM works with medical experts in Taiwan developing suitable fitness equipment for the elderly,
which includes Whole Body Vertical Vibration Equipment, Isokinetic Strength Training Equipment and Aerobic Exercise Equipment. We aim to improve the body condition for the senior people, and increase their quality of life as well.

Turtle Gym is committed to providing fitness equipment for seniors to help older adults stick to exercise to stay fit without limitation of physical condition. The TURTLE GYM solution is regarded as the best exercise machine for seniors due to combination of a serial low impact exercise equipment and the isokinetic muscle strength training equipment as well as the accessible exercise platform for disabled.

TURTLE GYM is born in Japan and the products are made in Taiwan.

TURTLE GYM equipment is especially designed for the elderly and the patients with sports related injuries.
It brings great health benefits for them.
TURTLE GYM puts the Isokinetic Strength Theory into practice on the exercise equipment for seniors. Not until the TURTLE GYM equipment comes out do we realize that the traditional strength training equipment not only wears people out but also causes sports injuries, especially for the elderly.