Sports / Rehab needs of Special groups

Unlike "active exercise" such like running or rope jumping, the "Whole body harmonic vertical vibration" promoted by TURTLE GYM is a "passive exercise" which is to work out via machines instead of the person himself. The direction in which the force acts on the human body can be divided into 2 types, "whole body vertical vibration" and "whole body periodic acceleration". The principles of the two are different, and the instrument design and medical functions are also different, but they all belong to the "Whole body vibration therapy". Through numerous clinical experiments and scientific studies in the world, it has proven that the two types of vibration have a wide range of benefits for human body, as well as preventive and assisted- treatment effects for certain diseases or chronic diseases and their corresponding complications, thus, Vertical and Horizontal vibration have been applied to the medical field to become a non-drug and non-invasive treatment method in modern medicine.

Simply to say, the principle of Whole Body Vertical Vibration (WBVV) is to change the musculoskeletal nervous system of the body through the physical effects of gravity, further affecting endocrine and other physiological systems, resulting in various beneficial effects for body health. WBVV was first used to train astronauts by Soviet Union in the early 1960. It was used to prevent losing bone density of astronauts in the outer space. Decades later, WBVV has evolved and been used in sports area to reinforce athletes' performance and then to be used in medical sectors such like rehabilitation and physiotherapy.
Whole Body Vertical Vibration (WBVV) pushes the human body upwards by mechanical force. When the mechanical force stops, the human body is pulled down naturally by the gravity force. The WBVV equipment causes human body to rise and fall rapidly and repeatedly under a pre-set vibration frequency and amplitude for a certain period of time. Such special type of impact to the body is similar to the impact of rope jumping when the body jumps off the ground and then comes into contact with the ground. From the 1960s to the present, many medical experiments and scientific researches worldwide have proven that WBVV is not just a physical stimulus, but can actually prevent osteoporosis, enhance muscle strength and muscle coordination, and meet the seniors sport needs of Special groups such like osteoarthritis training, stroke training, stroke rehabilitation and Parkinson's Disease. In addition, further assist to treat and reduce complications of chronic diseases and improving the quality of life of patients, such as spinal cord injury. On the other hand, the principle of Whole Body Periodic Acceleration (WBPA) is that a person lies on a special instrument that gives mechanical force to vibrate the human body from head to toe repeatedly and horizontally with a pre-set vibration frequency and amplitude for a certain period of time.

Many clinical trials and scientific researches in the world have been done and found that such horizontal movement in the direction of the human spine gives the blood vessels a force along the blood vessel wall, called "shear force". The increase of shear force will stimulate blood vessels' endothelial cells to secrete nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a gas smaller than oxygen molecules that can easily and quickly travel through the walls of blood vessels to reach neighbor tissues or organs, such like heart or brain. The main role of nitric oxide is to expand blood vessels, increase blood and oxygen infiltration, and reduce vascular inflammation, and maintain vascular function and increase oxygen delivery. 

If the concentration of nitric oxide of human body is reduced, it is easy to cause cardiovascular problems. Clinical studies have shown that the metabolic pathway of nitric oxide is usually impaired in patients with diabetes, vascular atherosclerosis and hypertension. Unlike WBVV which mainly acts on the musculoskeletal system, WBPA mainly acts on the cardiovascular system to protect human body from various diseases related to the heart's blood vessels including cerebrovascular and peripheral blood vessels and help prevent and improve some diseases like hypoxic heart disease, cerebral infarction or blood clots, which is particularly suitable for bedridden patient to do Cardiovascular training or cerebral palsy training. Overall, WBPA is an innovative seniors sport and Disabled exercise equipment which could improve whole body blood circulation and could be used in medical sectors or At-home workouts for seniors. 
Proceed Dynamic Gait Training

Proceed Dynamic Gait Training