Proceed Dynamic Gait Training

Model / AV005B
Whole body vertical vibration is a kind of entire body exercise method of 100% up and down vertical movement. Without increasing cardiopulmonary load and gently stimulate each parts of whole body. Boost up physical activity energy and promote physical health.
  • Proceed Dynamic Gait Training
  • Proceed Dynamic Gait Training
  • Proceed Dynamic Gait Training

Handicapped Exercise Training Series Features

Let the handicapped enjoy health, you can stay still and enjoy the pleasure of whole body vertical vibration.

Through gravity, the vibration movement can exercise for you.

Combining the globe’s most advanced vibration movement technology and exclusive invention patents.

There is no need to get off the wheelchair to achieve the effect of exercise directly from the inside out through the vertical vibration.


  • 7-stage fixed frequency and 3 sets of automatic program functions
  • With “gentle, isokinetic, isotropic harmonics”, to transmit 100% harmonious resonance waves throughout the body. Stimulate from bottom up to active cells throughout the body and build a healthy body from outside in
  • Double armrest safety equipment and no need for help from other. the gait training platform assists in stepping exercises. The rehabilitation effect is remarkable when combined with vertical vibration training

Life Improvement

  1. Enhance muscle strength, improve balance and flexibility, strengthen the stability of core muscles
  2. Just like the trembling of Qigong and the vertical movement such as skipping rope, walking and running. Stimulates and activates cells throughout the body to create a healthy body from outside in
  3. Help handicapped friends to achieve the effect of vibration movement for the whole body
  4. Find health and happiness through vibration movement

Product Features

Behind perfection with high-quality performance

Design Features

  • Model No.:AV005B
  • Frequency:About 3-13 Hz
  • Amplitude:About 3 mm
  • Operation: 7 Level Frequency, 3 Auto Programs
  • Time Setting:15 min.
  • Voltage:AC 100~120 V,50/60Hz
  • Power:About 600 W (Max)
  • Safety Certification:FDA Registered; CE Approved
  • Dimension:About L 2200 x W 750 x H 1130 mm
  • Capacity:About 180 kg
  • Weight:About 110 kg

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