Whole body vertical gait training platform

Model / AV005C
Over the past 20 years, the advantages of vertical vibration in preventing and assisting many discomfort situations have been explored in thousands of culture and health studies, the effectively prevent osteoporosis, strengthen muscle strength, and help balance. The vertical vibration also assists the seniors with regaining physical skills in many common chronic problems they have, such as Parkinson's disease, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.
  • Whole body vertical gait training platform
  • Whole body vertical gait training platform
  • Whole body vertical gait training platform

Disability (barrier-free) sports training features

Most sports have a high threshold for the disabled, not only unfriendly environment, and high difficulty of sport but also need to consider the safety. The whole-body vertical vibration with the patent certification of many countries around the world and is also recognized as one of the safest and effective sports in the world. Through the vibration exercise platform, the difficulty of use is greatly reduced, without side effects, and the effect of rehabilitating the physically and mentally disabled is satisfied.


  • Sturdy and attractive armrests on both sides which greatly improving the safety. User friendly to the seniors and the disabled.
  • Not only for gait training and assisting to improve lower limb muscle strength, but it also adds training equipment as elastic bands for full-body exercise.
  • It is recommended for stroke, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis patients, etc.

Life improvement

  1. Strengthen the muscle strength of the lower limbs, makes the gait of the older adults more stable, and significantly reduces the probability of falls.
  2. Doing vertical vibration exercise to increase the bone density of whole body. Prevent the risk of serious bumps and contusions caused by small accidents in daily life.
  3. Whole body cells vibrate harmoniously at the same time,speed up blood circulation, make metabolism better, and reduce the problems caused by chronic diseases.
  4. Effectively relieve the fatigue and chronic strain of muscle fibers. The best way for seniors and the disabled to relax.

Product Features

Behind perfection with high-quality performance.


Design Features


Variations on the product application

More thoughtful designs to build muscle strength and good physique.

Gait Training

Walk and exercise in an environment with safety handrails, with the support of vibration exercise, which can improve the overall exercise benefits. It is very helpful for recovery and leg muscle training.

Application of elastic band

Having elastic bands to the armrests, and with variety of TRX vibration exercises is adding more possibilities and fun to exercise and rehabilitation. Whether it is intensive training for seniors or rehabilitation for the disabled, it provides a better way.

Support Training

The support design that simulates horizontal bar training, pull-up exercises, strengthen the back muscles can relieve the problems of low back pain and fibromyalgia. It has excellent benefits for physical coordination and core muscle training.
  • Model No : AV005C
  • Frequency : 3-13Hz
  • Amplitude : 3 mm
  • Control design : remote control
  • Control program : 7-segment frequency speed adjustment + 3 groups of automatic programs
  • Time setting : 15 minutes per cycle
  • Power supply : AC100~240V 50/60Hz , maximum power consumption 600W
  • Product size : about L 2535 x W 1140 x H 2235 mm
  • Product weight : about 125 kg
  • Carrying weight : about 180 kg