Older Adult Fitness Program

TURTLE GYM provides an overall well-planned program. Provide the best design plan according to actual needs. Provide safe, comfortable fitness venues and sports service for older adults. Create a suitable Elderly Fitness environment.
What can we do for you?
Through strategic filed positioning, targeting different needs groups, symptoms and other diverse aspects to plan precisely.
Professional technical team to create the best performance and in-depth understanding of the filed to create a high-quality senior gym environment.
Implement slow life, slow exercise, slow living and uphold the concept that exercise is medicine.
Establish exclusive health profiles, big data statistics output, statistics and analysis of personal health conditions.
Eldergym plan
According to the conditions of different older adults and their physical symptoms and exercise needs, provide targeted exercise solutions and guidance, and design a safe suitable fitness plan for older adults. Let senior citizen easily enjoy and actively participate in it, and then develop a good habit of continuing to maintain exercise and achieve sufficient and correct exercise and best exercise machine for seniors!
Institutional caregiving fitness plan
Establish a good leisure sports space for older adults, shorten social distance, so that older adults can find their own sense of belonging while enjoying group activities. And it can achieve better relaxation for health, emotional management and stress adjustment. We provide high-quality planning services and optimize sports and leisure spaces to meet the exercise and social needs of the older adults in institutional caregiving centers such as retirement homes, elderly care center, long term care fitness and community care center.
Medical rehabilitation plan
TURTLE GYM team can provide friendly space planning for medial institutions and rehabilitation clinics. Develop customized designs and plan functional safe rehabilitation exercise areas to improve physical condition of users and the quality of rehabilitation treatment.
Don’t know how to choose the most suitable plan?