Older Adult Fitness Program

TURTLE GYM provides an overall well-planned program. Provide the best design plan according to actual needs. Provide safe, comfortable fitness venues and sports service for older adults. Create a suitable older adult fitness and Long Term Care Fitness environment.
Exclusive exercise space for elderly
Preventive health care

Applicable for elderly people

Vertical and horizontal vibration movement

Isokinetic muscle strength training

System Intelligent Planning
Professional recommendation
Professor Chen’s report “Multi-oriented exercise to improve the brain health and cognitive function of the elderly with dementia” mentioned the current status of dementia. He also proposed a response plan for this and he mentioned that medicine plus exercise intervention is a better response plan. The exercise intervention includes regular professional tai chi exercise and Vibration Therapy. 

Professor, Department of Physical Therapy and Assistive Technology, National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan
Professor, Sports Medicine, Shih-Chien University.
Chairman of Aerobic Fitness & Health Association of R.O.C.
Director, Exercise and Health Science Research Center, National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan

Established Case
Taipei DaTong Sports Center, Asia
DaTong Sports Center is a citizen recreation center. In addition to dance classes, flywheel classes, fitness centers, various courts, swimming pools, and skating rink. There are also elderly promotion classrooms and sports recovery rooms. The sports center imports TURTLE GYM’s isokinetic muscle strength training equipment, Whole Body Vertical Vibration equipment, sport sofa and sport bed specially designed and developed for elderly people. The user friendly and safe design equipment allow elders to exercise happily, easily and safely. TURTLE GYM provides overall planning and solutions to meet the needs of various elderly gyms (Eldergym) and provides safe and comfortable fitness venues, and sports services for the elderly and best exercise machine for seniors.
Space Planning
TURTLEGYM will evaluate the size of the space to make a complete functional plan to ensure that the best fitness effect can be achieved even in a small space. In addition to the key fitness facilities, other TURTULEGYM products can be easily placed anywhere. Such as living room or hallway, etc., in order to achieve integration of sports and fitness into part of daily life.