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What is Isokinetic Strength Training?

Origin Isokinetic Strength Training was firstly introduced by Hislop, Perrine and Thistle in the 1960’s. Since then, this training method has been applied increasingly in rehabilitation and sports science. Theory With the special device, the speed of the equipment remains constant, and the resistance alters based on the exertion of the users. No matter how large or small exertion you carry out, the speed of the movement remains constant. Thus, the muscle cont...

What is Whole Body Vertical Vibration?

Whole Body Vertical Vibration is the most effective and easiest passive exercise in the world. The Development Of The Whole Body Vertical Vibration Since 1970, there have been a large number of research journals in the International Journal of Medicine and Sports. Soviet scientists trained astronauts in a gravity-free environment with full-body vertical vibration equipment to maintain their health. Applied to training athletes, the performance of the athletes...

Whole Body Periodic Acceleration

Periodic Acceleration Training Recommended by doctors and scholars alike! The passive exercise which protects your heart and blood vessel. The Theory of Whole Body Periodic Acceleration (WBPA) It has been a 20 to 30 years of history of clinical studies in WBPA. WBPA is that people lie on a special designed mechanic platform, and the equipment moves the body repetitively head to foot in the horizontal direction, at the constant frequency. Users could select ideal speed...