What is Whole Body Vertical Vibration?

Whole Body Vertical Vibration is the most effective and easiest passive exercise in the world.


The Development Of The Whole Body Vertical Vibration

Since 1970, there have been a large number of research journals in the International Journal of Medicine and Sports.


Soviet scientists trained astronauts in a gravity-free environment with full-body vertical vibration equipment to maintain their health.


Applied to training athletes, the performance of the athletes after this training has been significantly improved, and then it is widely used.


Used in rehabilitation medicine, sports science, body sculpting, beauty and fitness clubs.


TURTLE GYM integrated this exercise method into the search and development in mature sports medicine field, launched the whole body vertical motion movement equipment and honorably obtained invention patents in many countries around the world.

The earliest concept of Whole Body Vibration training began in the year 1900. A Whole Body Vibration chair was invented by Dr. John Harvey Kellogg (1852~1943) in the United States of America for his patients’ treatment.
The modern Whole Body Vertical Vibration device was invented by the Soviet Union in the 1960s and was used for their astronauts’ training to improve muscle strength, bone density, endocrine disorder and etc. in the 1970s. It is to resolve the health issues faced by astronauts training under a zero gravity environment for a prolonged period of time and to prolong their time spent living in space.Under zero gravity condition, an astronaut’s muscle will begin to shrink and bone density of spine, hipbone and femur will deteriorate rapidly at an average rate of 1-1.6% per month. If left unresolved, an astronaut can spend living only around 300 days in space. However, when the Soviet Union’s astronaut created a record by staying in space for 437 days through vertical vibration training which is far longer than any American astronauts, it received worldwide attention.

In the 1980s, the application of Whole Body Vertical Vibration had expanded to athletes’ training. Athletes who had undergone this training method showed significant improvement in their performances, thus it began to be widely researched and applied. After the 21st century, this invention has further expanded its application to other medical fields such as medical rehabilitation, sports medicine and etc.

Principle of Whole Body Vertical Vibration (WBVV)


Whole Body Vertical Vibration originates from the growth and movement of human body are affected by gravity. The effect of gravity on the human body is to achieve the effect of stimulating whole body movement through the vertical direction through the bottom-up, from the outside to the inside. Without increasing the cardiopulmonary load, rhythm waves pass through the platform surface and directly drive the human body to move up and down with the speed and acceleration of sine waves, gently stimulating every part of the body, increasing the energy of physical activity and promoting physical health.The best exercise method in sports medicine is to maximize relaxation of the body, which induces all parts of the body to promote and achieve the health benefits of exercise. This kind of exercise is the safest and most effective. The tissues of each part of the body through the vibration stimulation cannot only increase the vitality of the body, but also promote health. Therefore, vertical vibration exercise is a relaxed and comfortable passive exercise.

The whole body vertical vibration is similar to rope skipping.

Studies have confirmed that rope skipping is a simple but high-intensity whole body exercise. Its exercise method is vertical jumping up and down, driving the whole body up and down movement. When skipping rope, all tissues of the human body are exercised and developed at the same time, and more exercise benefits can be obtained from this exercise. Rope skipping is often used as one of the methods of high-efficiency muscle training.


Not only can exercise lower body muscles, but also train the arms, shoulders, and core muscle strength. Enhance the body’s endurance, stamina, and coordination ability. And make the body healthier and stronger.The whole body vertical vibration exercise is carried out in a relaxed state, so the burden on the heart and lungs is lower than that of general exercise. Compared with the rope skipping exercise, the whole body vertical vibration exercise is actually a safer and more relaxing exercise.

Whole body vertical vibration exercise, and health preservation.

Seems simple but with deep connotations


It is better to go for a walk than training. It is better to vibrate than walking. Vibration is one of the traditional training methods of the Chinese.

Health care professionals recommend daily vertical vibration to eliminate body and mental fatigue and boost health.Most people think that one needs to pant and perspire profusely in order to experience better results. The fact that the body will be exhausted due to overexertion if the exercise is too intense, which is counterproductive. The body will need a lot of rest and food to compensate, making it vulnerable to injuries due to ageing factor.

The Whole Body Vertical Vibration is a kind of rapid, low amplitude, strictly controlled vibration in intensity and direction exercise which achieves health benefits.

Performing vibration exercises in the most extreme relaxation state of the body has a significant effect compared with ordinary exercises, and the completely passive mode makes exercises easier and more enjoyable. It is recognized as one of the easiest exercise programs in the world.



Easy, safe and effective passive exercise

Moderate exercise has been recognized as one of the key factors of bone and joint maintenance. Numerous studies over the years have confirmed that the low impact exercise of vertical vibration equipment through gravity can gently stimulate the bones, joints and muscle tissues of the whole body. Promote muscle coordination, prevent osteoporosis and degenerative arthritis to achieve a comprehensive health effect. Whole Body Vertical Vibration is the best Balance Training For Seniors and it can also prevent them from falls.The whole body vertical vibration exercise is a relaxed, safe and effective passive exercise, also one of the most popular exercise for the elderly and mature ages. At this moment, many medical institutions, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, institutional caregivers, day care and long term care fitness centers, and senior citizen gyms all use advanced full-body vertical vibration exercise equipment.