What is Isokinetic Strength Training?



Isokinetic Strength Training was firstly introduced by Hislop, Perrine and Thistle in the 1960’s. Since then, this training method has been applied increasingly in rehabilitation and sports science.


With the special device, the speed of the equipment remains constant, and the resistance alters based on the exertion of the users. No matter how large or small exertion you carry out, the speed of the movement remains constant. Thus, the muscle contraction can achieve its maximum strength effect for every angle of the joints during the muscle strength training.


Isokinetic Strength Training can increase muscle strength, improve explosive power and enhance muscular endurance. It is recognized as the safest and most effective strength training in today’s rehabilitation and sports science.


The traditional training equipment is costly and difficult to operate. The professionals are required to assist with the proper operation. Thus, such equipment can be found only in medical centers and training research units, where the researchers apply the equipment and mainly focus on the study of motor system damage and the rehabilitation patient assessment. Nevertheless, common people are not allowed to enjoy the safe and effective training.

Isokinetic strength training equipment has advantages that other traditional strength training equipment does not have


Isokinetic Strength Training

Isokinetic strength training is currently the safest, most effective and most human-oriented method of muscle training in clinical studies in the world. Use special equipment to make the speed constant and the resistance changes with user’s force. During the exercise of the elderly muscle strength training, no matter how big or small your strength is, the speed of its movement remains the same, making exercise effortless and healthier.

  • It can increase the strength and endurance of the muscles around the joints.
  • It is a high-safety training method to avoid unnecessary sports injuries.
  • The best balance training for seniors to prevent falls and it has become one of the common methods for elderly muscle strength training and sports rehabilitation.

Isokinetic Strength Training Equipment VS. Traditional Training Equipment


Isokinetic Strength Training Equipment is suitable for below situations


Physical therapy center or Chinese herbal medicine clinic

where the patients are able to proceed with the rehabilitation for myositis, arthritis, osteoarthritis, tendon and ligament injuries.


The exercise centers which are especially designed for the female or the elderly

who could apply the equipment to achieve the training effects in a very short time.


Day Care or Long Term Care Fitness Center for Senior Citizens, Elder Care Center, Senior Citizen Gyms, Nursing Homes and Institutional Caregivers

shall consider applying the Isokinetic Strength Training Equipment as the training device for the elderly.


Personal or small scale health training center

to make sure the effects and safety of the members via training.

Clinical benefits of Isokinetic Strength Training


The advantage of TURTLE GYM Isokinetic Strength Training devices


Two-way resistance exercise in a device, composite training, a TURTLE GYM Isokinetic strength training device can be used as two traditional weight training machines. 8 devices in a set can be used as 15 traditional weight training devices and can train up muscle groups of whole body.


Strength magnitude is controlled by user; user can do strength training according to his/her body condition to avoid sports injury.


Muscle contracts maximally at any angle.


Elderly can do the isokinetic strength training in a happy and safe way which is extremely safe and can stay away from injury.


Occupies less space. Saving space and cost.


Unique motor control system design will not leak oil like the hydraulic type and has excellent durability. Reduce the burden of maintenance and reduce operating costs.


Lightweight and can be easily moved and set up.