Isokinetic Leg Extension and Leg Curl Training Equipment

Model / LGS02

Injuries caused by falls are often one of the major causes of elderly bedridden.
Lower limb muscles training to help walking and fall prevention. Making the knees move smoothly. By bending and stretching the knees with sitting posture to assist rehabilitation of thigh muscles, flexors, extensors. It’s considered as the best leg exerciser for elderly and exercise equipment for seniors with bad knees.
  • Isokinetic Leg Extension and Leg Curl Training Equipment
  • Isokinetic Leg Extension and Leg Curl Training Equipment
  • Isokinetic Leg Extension and Leg Curl Training Equipment
  • Isokinetic Leg Extension and Leg Curl Training Equipment

Features of Isokinetic Muscles Strength Training

LGS02 operates under constant speed and adjustable stepless speed control can make the body muscles get complete training. Significantly reduce the sports injuries that may occur during traditional muscle training. Seniors can enjoy exercising.

At any joint angle, the training amount of muscle strength extension can be maximized. The combination of two-way resistance system makes the movement easier, safer and make leg exerciser for elderly more effective.


  • One TURTLE GYM Isokinetic Muscles Strength Training Equipment can effectively train knee bending and stretching movements which is equivalent to the effect of two traditional training equipment
  • Extend the range of knee joint movement and improve standing posture
  • Lift legs easily and reduce the risk of falling while walking

Life Improvement

  1. Strengthen thigh muscles, enhance daily life activities
  2. Leg knee joint activation and tendon strengthening
  3. Reduce the pressure on the knee joints
  4. Improvement of chronic arthritis
  5. Tighten buttocks muscles, avoid sagging and tone leg line muscles

Muscle Training

Isokinetic leg extension and leg curl training equipment can target training for leg muscles. Quadriceps / Hamstrings / Gluteus Maximus / Gastrocnemius / Anterior Tibialis

Features of Isokinetic Strength Training Equipment

Drive system:Isokinetic motor control system
Voltage:AC100~240V 50/60Hz
Power: Maximum power consumption, 30W
Speed Control:Constant Speed Knob Control
Load Bearing Capacity:Max. up to 85 kg
Main Material:High hardness steel
Product dimension:about L 1195 x W 610 x H 1360 mm
Net Weight:about 40 kg
Certification:FDA Registered; CE Approved
Constant speed for 2-way direction, environmental friendly, energy efficient
Adaptor specification:AC110/DC24V1.5A
Equipment Pad:Adjustable horizontal foot pad (Front) and movable wheels (Back)
Seat cushion:breathable, flame-resistantance, soft PVC, anti-deformation, high density foam cushion

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