WBPA (Whole Body Periodic Acceleration) Bed

Model / AV008B
WBPA (Whole Body Periodic Acceleration) is a way of lying down and repeatedly performing horizontal and lateral displacement. Promote healthy exercise. Help those unable to exercise regain their health, integrate into life, and gain confidence and joy.
  • WBPA (Whole Body Periodic Acceleration) Bed
  • WBPA (Whole Body Periodic Acceleration) Bed

Brain and Cardiovascular Function Training Series Features

WBPA (Whole Body Periodic Acceleration) combines the world’s most advanced technology and exclusive invention patents.

Easy to understand and operate.

Drive the body back and forth horizontally to achieve the benefits of exercise through equipment.

Gently help those unable to exercise and make life more energetic.


  • 7-stage fixed frequency and 3 sets of automatic program functions
  • Targeting muscles of the whole body to backlog and stretch through the combination of massage and vibration. Allow those who cannot exercise to achieve the benefits of deep exercise relaxation, activate all parts of the body to further maintain health and stay away from health hazards caused by disability
  • Currently one of the non-invasive, health promotion, health care, the safest and the most effective passive bedrest exercise methods and disability fitness

Life Improvement

  1. Help elderly to exercise regain their health to enjoy active aging and integrate into life to gain confidence and joy through the WBPA (Whole Body Periodic Acceleration) exercise
  2. Sports fitness technology promotes health benefits through high-efficiency exercise methods and helps to increase body circulation and metabolism
  3. Help handicapped friends to achieve the effect of vibration movement for the whole body
  4. Find health and happiness through vibration movement

Product Features

Behind perfection with high-quality performance

Design Features

  • Model No.:AV008B
  • Incline Angle6 degrees
  • Amplitude:About 20 mm
  • Operation: Wireless Remote Control,7 Level Frequency,3 Auto Programs
  • Time Setting:30 min.
  • Voltage:AC100~240V,50/60Hz
  • Power:About 375 W (Max)
  • Safety Certification:FDA Registered; CE Approved
  • Dimension:About L 2030 x W 760 x H 520 mm
  • Main material : Steel / Welded Steel Frame
  • Capacity:About 180 kg
  • Weight:About 110 kg