Shoulder Press and Lat Pull Down / Leg Extension and Curl

Model / LGD02
At the beginning of 2021, TURTLE GYM has launched the worldwide first 4-in-1 Compound Isokinetic Strength Training Equipment called LGD01/LGD02 which provides multiple combination training methods to train user's upper and lower body in the same time or separately.The model of LGD 02 is ideally to be a part of Elderly gym to do Strength exercise for seniors to be more easily, safely and effectively to reach the goal of workout whether at hospital or day-care centers or for Strength exercise for seniors at home .
  • Shoulder Press and Lat Pull Down / Leg Extension and Curl
  • Shoulder Press and Lat Pull Down / Leg Extension and Curl
  • Shoulder Press and Lat Pull Down / Leg Extension and Curl

Compound 4-in-1 Isokinetic Strength Training Equipment


The clinical benefits of Isokinetic Training are mainly showed in sports medicine, rehabilitation, sports science, professional sports training etc. Comparing to traditional strength training equipment such as weight blocks, isokinetic strength training is operated by special devices, the speed of the equipment remains constant, and the resistance alters based on the exertion of the users. No matter how large or small exertion you carry out, the speed of the movement remains constant, thus, the muscle contraction is able to achieve its maximum strength effect for every angle of the joints during the muscle strength training, such feature makes it suitable to help elderly train their muscle strength safely and effectively, however, the very high pricing narrows its application! Since 1980s up now, most isokinetic training equipment are based on the system of hydraulic cylinder and the disadvantages are known to be high wear, low durability, bulky, one-way resistance etc. In order to widely enlarge the use of isokinetic technology, our company B.Green Tech. has successfully changed the "hydraulic cylinder control system" to "electromechanical control system" and makes it possible to be very low wear, ultrahigh durability, low weight (movable), two-way resistance etc.



  • Multifunctional design can simultaneously train upper and lower body muscle strength.
  • Suitable muscle strength training for mature age, the elderly, and those with limited mobility.
  • Patented design, the risk in muscle strength training is close to zero.
  • Intelligent Operation Management Comprehensive Tracking for Health & Exercise.

Life Improvement

  • Improve chronic arthritis symptoms.
  • Reduce the pressure of knee joints.
  • Activate knee joints and strengthen tendons.
  • Increase thigh strength, improve activities of daily living.

Features of Isokinetic Strength Training Equipment




Provides the muscles of the whole body for safer and more efficient training


Customized speed options for muscle strength training.


The sports injury of overloaded voluntary control approaches zero.


Adjust the training intensity according to your own muscle strength condition.


Choose a set time and frequency to make training more flexible.


Detailed recording the changes in muscle strength training.

Muscle Training


Triceps / Biceps / Deltoid /Latissimus dorsi / Pectoralis major / Infraspinatus / Trapezius / Quadriceps / Hamstrings / Gluteus Maximus / Gastrocnemius / Anterior Tibialis

The ultimate safe muscle strength training.


Isokinetic Muscle Strength Equipment Features






Smart and precise elderly exercise

TURTLE GYM provides a variety of services for exercise, comprehensively track, and manage your exercise status. Formulate precise exercise prescriptions, evaluate, and adjust appropriate exercise methods by tracking health & exercise records for a long time, so that you can achieve your ideal exercise goals.


Tailor-made site planning

TURTLE GYM is deeply engaged in the field of elderly fitness with more than 10 years of rich experience. More than 1,500 elderly fitness programs have been introduced into global sites, creating a safe and comfortable exercise environment for elder groups.




Professional leading position has that is earned recognition

Based on professionalism and love, people-oriented, perfect health protection as the concept. Using strong R&D capabilities and professionalism to implement the healthy vision of “exercise is good medicine” for the society, our strength has earned recognition.


Drive system:Isokinetic motor control system
Voltage:AC100~240V 50/60Hz
Power: Maximum power consumption, 100W
Speed Control:Stepless speed adjustment control
Load Bearing Capacity:Max. up to 85 kg
Main Material:High hardness steel
Product dimension:About L 1270 x W 625 x H 1460 mm
Net Weight:about 55.5 kg
Certification:FDA Registered; CE Approved
Constant speed for 2-way direction, environmental friendly, energy efficient
Adaptor specification:AC110/DC24V1.5A
Equipment pad:Adjustable horizontal foot pad (Front) and movable wheels (Back)
Seat cushion:Breathable, flame-resistantance, soft PVC, anti-deformation, high density foam cushion

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