Isokinetic Inner / Outer Thigh Training

Model / LGS03
Help training adductor and hip muscles.
Effectively improve the hobbled steps by training the inner thigh muscles and waist muscles.
  • Isokinetic Inner / Outer Thigh Training
  • Isokinetic Inner / Outer Thigh Training
  • Isokinetic Inner / Outer Thigh Training
  • Isokinetic Inner / Outer Thigh Training

Features of Isokinetic Muscles Strength Training

LGS03 operates under constant speed and adjustable stepless speed control can make the body muscles get complete training. Significantly reduce the sports injuries that may occur during muscle training. Seniors can enjoy exercising happily.

At any joint angle, the training amount of muscle strength extension can be maximized. The combination of two-way resistance system makes the movement easier, safer and more effective.


  • Can train both leg adductors simultaneously which is different from other equipment
  • Lift the hip curve, improve bowlegs and prevent urinary incontinence
  • Train contractors, abductors and hip muscles

Life Improvement

  1. Strengthen inner thigh muscles
  2. Strengthen adductors of the thigh and hip
  3. Tighten the inner thigh muscles to avoid loose thighs
    Toned leg lines
  4. Activate the hip joints and improve walking balance

Muscle Training

Can target training for adductors, hip inner thigh muscles and waist muscles

Features of Isokinetic Strength Training Equipment

Drive system:Isokinetic motor control system
Voltage:AC100~240V 50/60Hz
Power: Maximum power consumption, 30W
Speed Control:Constant Speed Knob Control
Load Bearing Capacity:Max. up to 85 kgs
Main Material:High hardness steel
Product dimension:about L 1550 x W 1150 x H 1290 mm
Net Weight:about 50.5 kgs
Certification:FDA Registered; CE Approved
Constant speed for 2-way direction, environmental friendly, energy efficient
Adaptor specification:AC110/DC24V1.5A
Equipment Pad : Adjustable horizontal foot pad (Front) and movable wheels (Back)
Seat cushion:breathable, flame resistantance, soft PVC, anti-deformation, high density foam cushion

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